Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the grammys 2012. so, that happened...

i sat through the entire grammy awards thinking, why in the hell am i watching this!?!? i mean without zbb it's pretty much pointless... the highlights were few... adele singing her freaking heart out, my girl kelly clarkson looking brilliant, the foo fighters still rocking, and the half second performance by the civil wars... is it just me or does the guy look exactly like johnny depp!?!? yes ma'am!! the rest was just generic blah blah blah, la la la, whitney houston, blah blah blah. i'm not making light of loosing miss houston, but i don't think it's a secret that she had been struggling. hopefully she is at peace now. okay, so we know the only real reason to watch the grammys is see all of the fashion ugly... well, there wasn't nearly as much as i had hoped... but not to fear lady gaga and nicki minaj had enough crazy to last a lifetime... 
holy freaking lord. what in the hell is wrong with this woman?!?!? was she just not loved enough as a child? do you think this is fun for her!?!? that thing on her face looks like it's actually hurting her!! i mean i understand beauty is pain, but this versace get up is just a hot damn mess. her face looks like a busted joan crawford, all pulled and what not. i'm not one for violence, but i think i would hit her...
now, i don't know why i'm surprised that nicki minaj is a freaking nut job, but i am disappointed. the weird versace get up and the weird sacrilegious performance weren't good... in fact, they were bad. really bad. i love all of her work on kanye's album and i find her sound pretty brilliant, but i'm sorry this is the reason that i can't listen to popular music... just so full of their own shit that they think they can get away with anything on stage and call it "art" i call bs. 
you light up my liiiifffffeeeee. i love me some gwyneth. this is no surprise. she has been singing her little heart out all over film and television, but i suppose being mrs. coldplay will get you invited to the grammys... and boy am i glad she was... this stella mccartney was my ABSOLUTE favorite dress at the awards. she is stunning and this dress is beyond brilliant. 
malin ackerman starts a sub-category i like to call, why are you at the grammys?! i really shouldn't complain because i absolutely adore her get up. the dress is a cushnie et ochs and i think it's flipping amazing. i love the kick ass little booties with it. i think she looks hot... still don't know why she's at the grammys...
kate beckinsale is very attractive. she's an actress. yup, no idea why she is at the grammys... i think she is absolutely beautiful, but gina's girl crush is not doing anything for me in this zuhair murad... it's just sweet, not much else... so even further confused... why!? 
it's official. this is the best dress taylor swift has ever worn!! i mean come on!!! she looks insane. i love the hair pulled back into a sleek bun, the soft and elegant makeup, and the dress... omg... the dress. this zuhair murad is just brilliant on her slender 6 foot frame... i just can't believe how much i love this. the back is so beautiful and the neckline is killer. well done swifty, still hate your music, but well done.
SHE'S BAAAAACK!!!!!!!! adele is everything. omg. perfection!!!!! she is brilliant and i really dig this armani dress on her. and while i loved her as a red head, the platinum hair with the signature eye, and orangey red lip... job well done!!! so glad she swept the show!!!!
i have to admit... i love this dress... well, let me explain... when i first saw these photos of fergie-ferg in this jean paul gaultier i was less than impressed, but when i saw her on the actual show, i fell in love. this is definitely an "in person" kinda thing. i think she looks great... and just a little crazy... it's all about balance at the grammys...
so this is carrie underwood, maybe you've heard of her!? i like her a lot, but something about this gomez-garcia gown is just super blah to me. the back is beautiful and it definitely fits her beautifully, but i am just a little bored... and the hair is pretty awful... too bad, i usually love her dresses.
gotta admit, i think this is super hot. it's like city-chic. i love the hair, neckline, and ah-mazing shoes!!! the alexandre vauthier dress is simple, but the strong shoulders and neckline make it pretty brilliant. i think it's a perfect look for her.
well... i will give rihanna one thing, this armani dress is very revealing while somehow still offering adequate coverage... i mean we have tits, ass, and crotch... that's a lotta skin... it is a very pretty dress, but with the weird blonde hair and wonder woman cuff... i don't know, thoughts? i'm just underwhelmed, especially compared to the amazing jean paul gaultier she wore last year...
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and last but certainly not least, katy "i can shoot fireworks from my boobies" perry. i love colored hair, i really do, but matching your hair to your dress?!? 2 thumbs down. especially when she had such potential to look amazing. the elie saab gown is brilliant, but per usual katy perry refuses to just be pretty, so she sprays her hair blue and makes a silly alien helmut head hairdo... one of these days she'll get it right... sidenote: i think russell brand is a genius and i absolutely hate that they aren't together...
oh and let's not forget kelly clarkson... how wonderful does this chick look?! the hair. the makeup. the gown. she has really been dressing like a woman and just looks out-of-control-awesome. lalalalove. can't wait to see her in concert in april!!!!!!

so here are some fashion highlights and lowlights... so what did you think of the grammys? did you dig the fashion? performances? are you as confused by pop music as i am?!?!?


  1. I agree with pretty much everything you've said here. (I always do though, haha).

    I was appalled by Minaj especially. The outfit and performance were embarrassingly bad. If you're going to make a powerful religious statement, at least make it COOL. :S

    I was completely smitten with Taylor Swift's gown. It was gorgeous and she looked so grown up! I've been really impressed by everything she's done in the last few months, fashion and beauty wise. She's definitely grown up.

    And Adele. Sigh. What a beauty. She reminded me of Marilyn Monroe mixed with a little Grace and Sofia. :)

  2. the civil wars guy looks more like the love child of johnny depp and jack white. eh, I wasn't really into the show or the fashion this year. I hate rihanna's hair and can't really get post that though.I did love adele's performance but found that dress somewhat matronly.



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