Sunday, February 26, 2012

oscars 2012.

so i love the oscars. i know that they are all politically charged. i know that they are long and boring. i know hollywood can be full of shit. but i freaking love them. LOVE. right now, i am crying my eyes out as i watch the show. there is something about the tradition and the beautiful formality of it all. i become a giddy little kid... i swore i'd win an oscar when i was a kid... ah dreams... but the dresses. oh the dresses.

i had my first oscar red carpet party tonight and was so excited that people actually showed up... i should mention i did provide wine, so i can't be guaranteed they actually came to hang out with me... one can hope... it was so fun to not have to sit there alone with my notepad and my poor husband writing down dress designers when i had to go to the bathroom. i like girl-ing out and i feel so blessed to have wonderful friends that like me for the weirdo i am. so much fun.

okay, so the actual dresses. there were some amazing gowns... unfortunately there weren't many uggos. boo. pastel seemed to be the shade of the evening with a touch of black and a splash of red, but i won't keep you in suspense any longer!!!!!! My top 5 choices of the night were... drum roll please, oh whatever.
1. oh shut up. just shut up. OBSESSED. if you read llo you know that i am in love with michelle williams. love her. she's insanely talented and absolutely breathtaking. this louis vuitton is brilliant. the color is un-freaking-believable. and i love that her pink purse and coral lipstick are both pinky, but not matchy matchy. she is a vision. best dressed hands down!
2. how perfect is gwyneth paltrow!?!? so freaking perfect. this tom ford dress and cape are absolutely ah-maze-balls. she is just so naturally beautiful. come on, right!?!? the epitome of simple elegance. 
3. sexy angie is back!!!!!! ohmylordy. the versace is vavavoom. holy bananas. i love the lighter hair and the red/orange lip. she's insane. i am so sick of the angie hate. jen has moved on and has done her fair amount of home wrecking, so get over it. angie is AH-mazing and she looked like a real movie star.
4. kristen wiig aka "not" drew barrymore looked out-of-control hot. this j.mendel is so beautiful. everything about the styling of this look is my personal style. the dark nail polish, the stacked diamond bangles, the random gold rings. perfection!!!
5. holy crap milla jovovitch is effing hot. this elie saab is white hot. lol. pun intended. what?! i'm tired. this gown is so sexy and it's not even trying. her hair and makeup are classic hollywood. i love how delicate her jewels and clutch are... she's amazing and she kills zombies, yeah i love her.
another elie saab stunner. kate mara, rooney's sister, is an actress in some pretty awful movies, but she looks absolutely beautiful... i feel like this was what jessica alba was trying to accomplish at the golden globes. it's sexy and romantic and i love the weirdo sleeve. beautiful. 
yet ANOTHER pastely elie saab on berenice bejo... another beautiful dress. this one is a little less successful than the 2 previous, but berenice is so absolutely beautiful and decidedly french.  i adore her earrings and her weird hairdo. 
yay!!!!! octavia spencer won!!!!!! brilliant lady!!!! and this tadashi shoji is a STUNNER!!!! she looks thin and curvy and straight up sexy!!! her hair and makeup were flawless. so happy for her. so much love.
jessica chastain is what i like to call a genius!!! and this alexander mcqueen is beautiful. it had to grow on me a bit, but the dress is really a work of art and she is so pretty. can't say anything mean.
oh emma. i am a little disappointed in emma stone. she's so awesome. so hilarious. this giambattista valli gown is actually very beautiful, but is it just me or is this practically the same thing as nicole kidman's balenciaga she wore to the 2007 oscars?? i can't get past it. way too similar. i should note one of my guests, bree, picked this as her top choice, but only because i wouldn't let her pick the random asian pr woman in the lavender gown standing behind someone... i have wonderful friends.
how young and hot does cameron diaz look?!? this gucci is so beautiful. i'm surprised, but i absolutely love the skirt. can't get over how young that white blonder hair makes her look!! sexy.
meryl streep, you did it again. damn her and her insane talent. i love this lanvin, it fits her kooky style perfectly. excited for her to win, she's a classy lady.
george clooney's girlfriend is in a straight off the runway marchesa. lucky bitch. i feel bad for her though... cause eventually he will dump her... such a bachelor.
um, okay. my feelings are kinda hurt... i feel like natalie portman just phoned this one in... does she even care!?!?! this is a weird dress, right?!?! i like the idea of polka dots on a formal gown, but this one isn't doing the trick. i do NOT like the shape. 
unimpressed. penelope cruz is a beauty but i gotta say this armani prive is just annoyingly similar to cinderella's dress... the shape feels old fashion and i'm just not digging it.
glenn close is one sexy old lady and this zac posen is so kick ass. i love the lines and the color, totally age appropriate, but come on a matching blazer, is she mother of the bride!? i don't like it.
oh dear. i'm so torn about this look. viola davis is hands down one of the best actresses EVER and truth be told i really wanted her to win tonight... really really bad. c'est la vie. and i want to love this look, i do, but the vera wang dress is beautiful, the color is perfection on her. i love the jewels and the makeup... but why, oh why did she did she color her hair? it's so orange-y and it blends in to her skin. it would be great darker... i don't know it doesn't rock my boat.
good ole tiny fey. so from neck up this is absolute perfection. i love her hair and her makeup. but the carolina hererra gown is just okay... i am so flippin tired of seeing her in black or navy or black. she would look brilliant in some color, real color.
i really wanted to love this marina rinaldi gown because melissa mccarthy seems like the most lovely, funny, and genuine person, but so much is wrong with the gown. the sleeves add unnecessary bulk to the top half of the dress and really ruin the look for me... i also would've preferred this in a great bright burgundy... or i don't know any other color, i just really don't like this weird nude-tawny rose color.
there she is again. same damn hair as the last 30 times we've seen her... rooney mara is an interesting character... i don't hate this givenchy, in fact it fits beautifully and the back is absolutely stunning... on anyone else i'd think it was pretty great, but since i'm super over this girl and her euro-trash bangs, i despise it. plus, the boobies are super weird and unflattering. annoyed. 

so there i said it! but who cares what i think!?!? what do you think!? best dressed? worst dressed!? do you agree with my picks? tell me! because comments validate my life.


  1. I am loving Michelle Williams' gown. I love the color and that dainty little ribbon. I am also in love with Kristen Wiig's gown too. It is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more on these choices.

    My all-time fave was Jessica. That McQueen dress was a work of art for sure. And the perfect choice for her gorgeous red hair.

    Angie looked stunning and it was so awesome to see her smiling (genuinely) on the red carpet for once. Although, it does bother me that she is so unhealthy-looking. Her chicken arms made my mouth drop open. I'm rarely shocked like that. I'm just really concerned that she's not eating or something. :S

    Milla's gown was the perfect Oscar ensemble. So classy!

    And you know what, I would not be surprised if George married that girl. She seems different than the rest. I just have this feeling...

    Great post!

  3. Whatever. Asian PR chick NAILED IT!!!

    And really? I picked Emma for my fav? I could have sworn I was all about the French chick, but I honestly don't remember much after Seacrest being covered in ashes.

    Yay wine!



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