Tuesday, March 06, 2012

big pimpin'

well it's official, i'm a california girl. i have ombred blonde-ish hair, wear 30 dollar flip flops, and now i drive a 3 series. yes, the choice car of every single person living in southern california... i can't say that i care much as it's super pretty and shiny and goes really fast without feeling like it's going to fall apart. plus, i got a great deal and you know how much i love deals on fancy things. but the bigger issue for me is that i feel like it means i'm growing up... like eventually i'm going to have to get a job and maybe procreate. yikes. not ready, so not ready.
i was really excited about this purchase... clearly...
big red was my 2000 honda civic and she was a beaut. i never got into a single accident in my car, other than hitting a giant effing stupid dear, but she was just safe, reliable, and adorable. i cried when we traded her in, but i feel good that i'm not alone see here.

am i the only person terrified of growing up?


  1. Congrats on the new car! She's a beaut! I definitely know what it's like to not want to grow up. Lol. Every major decision (such as buying a new car) makes my heart skip. Lol.

  2. Since I'm no where close to buying a car yet I can't really judge, but I can definitely agree that growing up at any stage in life is a terrifying experience. Just remember, growing old is mandatory, growing up is not :)

    Would love if you could follow me ;)


  3. I think you made a great choice haha you can't go wrong with 3 series they're sexy! and if i can wear my 30 dollar flip flop right now I so would but I think my toes would catch frost bite and fall off!



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