Friday, March 09, 2012

foodie friday: healthy-ish mashed potatoes...

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When I moved to Cali I assumed that it was going to be sunny and warm every single day of the year, but alas, LIES. It gets cold, a lot. I've been craving awful, fatty comfort foods... Yes, vegan's also like those things. So this week I'm making a grain meatloaf and the most delicious, yummy, decadent mashed potatoes that just so happen to be really good for you too. You use navy beans to pump up protein which leads to using less potatoes and because they are blended with fresh garlic they are so creamy and garlicky you really don't miss the butter or cream. I found the recipe at Oh She Glows and made them for Thanksgiving 2011, all of my meat eating friends couldn't get enough, #VeganScore.


  1. These actually look SUPER YUMMY! I'm going to check out this recipe for sure. Whenever I come across recipes, such as this one, it makes me realize I might actually be able to try being a vegetarian or vegan. It's definitely not as hard in the US now as it was 40 years ago for my dad! :)

  2. oh gosh those look good. the mashed potatoes i made for thanksgiving were DEFINITELY not that healthy-i'll have to try these!



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