Friday, March 16, 2012

holy lord that's yummy...

image via (i always eat it before i remember to take photos, it's that good)
ohholybananas... christin over at the real mean girl sent me this recipe for creamy avocado pasta from the saga of a twenty something a few months ago and i have been freaking in love ever since... i make it at least once a week. it's simple, healthy, and simple. did i say simple!?!? other than the cooked pasta it's completely raw, but tastes oh-so-naughty. i have given it to at least 10 people and now i'm sharing it with you. i love it because you can make easy changes to give it a slightly different flavor, christin has switched the basil for spinach and i think that adding arugula would be a brilliant switch-a-roo. i have been using quinoa pasta(obessed), it has a crazy awesome texture.

if you are looking for an easy weeknight dinner, this is definitely a winner. for the meat eaters, i think a piece of grilled white fish would really compliment the meal. dude, you must try this.


  1. arugula would be awesome! and i'd like to get into quinoa pasta too as a healthier alternative.



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