Thursday, March 08, 2012

home sweet rental, part 1: the den

yes, yes. as most of you know i just moved ah-gain. this time, out of our brilliant little condo downtown and up to the burbs. thanks military. now, i love the house and think it's beautiful, we have unbelievably awesome neighbors, the dogs love the backyard, we are so much closer to all of the other marine families, etc etc. i still miss all of the city noise trying to go to sleep when bo isn't home, i miss walking to dinner, lunch, coffee, the mall, the movie theatre, the marina, the park, the baseball stadium... so yeah... i miss it, but this is a good thing... enough debbie downing... i'm gonna go room by room over the next few months and show you my many room makeovers. to start, the room we spend the most time in, the den. 
yup, it was yellow. bright friggin yellow. after lots of primer and a coat or so of behr tide pools we ended up with a very calm, very peaceful space... 
well, okay so it wasn't peaceful yet... it was chaos and gave me a few migraines. luckily i had saved a bunch "o" cash from the past few months, hence no shopping/no blogging... no shopping makes me sad, what can i say!!?!? well i'm back up and running and the den is almost finished. drum roll please... whatever.
furniture. henry sofa, west elm; carved wood coffee table, west elm; white "tv stand", ikea; foot locker, ikea; leather chair, ikea; rug, ikea... so yes, lots of west elm and ikea... but i feel like it doesn't look like it came out of a catalog. lots of found items from ross, target, homegoods creates, what i hope is, an eclectic and interesting space. 
unfinished project... still debating closing up the back or just hiding the wires... decisions, decisions. for now i love my random collection of books and book ends. 
picture walls are literally my favorite thing in the entire world. i had quite the time with this one... i didn't even plan it out before i started to hang it up... not something i'd advise for everyone. luckily, it happened to work out nicely. having the pics floor to ceiling just looks so cool. the frames are from target, michael's, ikea, sam flax, and even craigslist. i got that huge gold frame for 25 dollars... a 400 dollar frame. i just had a mat made for 50ish bucks(it's silk, i fell in love) and i have to say, it looks like i spent 400 dollars. oh and i love my letters, from anthropologie. but if you are super creative, my buddy emily wrapped the wooden letters from the craft store with twine, very cool. 
since i went nuts with the photo wall, i decided to keep the opposite wall simple and simple. i loooove my naked upside down chair picture... and that frame is my favorite, i found it dirt cheap at hobby lobby, i wish i would've bought a ton of them. and who spies frank? isn't he the cutest. he loves mugging for the blog.

so, there you go world. my first room in the new house, almost mostly pretty much finished. what do you think? is it finished? would you live here? is it missing something!?!? tell me, tell me.


  1. You're new place looks SUPER COOl. Although I feel ya on the being so far away from things issue. It's nice to be able to walk to the grocery store or movies whenever you want. In the burbs, everything is soooo spread out. :S

    But, like I said, your new place looks comfy, which is important!

    That nude pic is pretty bad ass!!

  2. nice. xx

    p.s. I'm having a shoe giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :)

  3. love the new place. love the decor and color :)



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