Thursday, March 22, 2012

home sweet rental, part 3: the entry

here we go again... okay the entryway was the same wretched pea soup green color. yummy. thank the lord for behr wheat bread paint. i'm going to keep talking about how wonderful that color is... i will use it in every single house we ever have. true story. the entryway is always really important to me, it's the first space that your guests see and you want it to be inviting and well utilized... this is how i decorated mine.
remember this beauty!?!? oh geez, that paint breaks me into hives. and let's not forget the damn fish tank... they left their freaking fish and then asked me... ME!?!? where i put the fish food... um... what!?!? holy bananas...
the upon entering the front door you pretty much walk straight into the formal living.
 i spy hammond the dog.

console table, west elm(discontinued); shoji cabinet, pier 1(almost 10 years ago); mirror, antique; antler hook, urban outfitters; mirror tray, target.

do you dig my entryway!?!? any ideas for me?!? 

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  1. Your new place is so lovely, Lauren. It's looking so much like a HOME. :) I'm afraid I don't have any advice for you. I wouldn't dare, actually. You should be charging people for YOUR advice. Lol.



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