Thursday, March 29, 2012

home sweet rental, part 4: formal dining

just when you thought there couldn't possibly be anymore of that terrible awful puke green color... alas, there is also the formal dining. cah-razy right!?!? well, this is one room that i was flipping excited about!! i've never had a separate dining space, so i was so pumped and i knew exactly what a wanted. i wanted to mix a raw wood table with modern white chairs, idea stolen from smart tricia... but i also wanted to mix it up and add some interest to the head chairs. i think the look really came together... still working on the artwork, but for the most part this room is dunzo.
table & velvet chairs, world market; white chairs, west elm; rug, ikea; curtains, target.

i love the way the room turned out. simple. elegant. i still need a piece for the right wall, i'm thinking giant white mirror, thoughts??


  1. I love the rustic ambiance of that table - gorgeous! :)

  2. Lovely.
    I'm really enjoying the home makeover documentation. I can't take credit for the chairs and table--I'm pretty sure I saw it in an old issue of Domino (RIP) or something.



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