Monday, March 12, 2012

materialistic misconceptions...

sometimes, i wonder if my love for clothes and shoes and handbags and jewelry gives off the impression that i am something that i'm not... a stuck up, materialistic bitch. i've never quite understood why people who don't share the same love of fashion somehow equate fashion to shallowness!? i understand it's nonessential, but geez, other than food, water, and shelter, isn't everything kinda unnecessary!? we all wear clothes, what's wrong with wanting them to be special?
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i'm not sure when the concept of spending money on well-made and classic pieces of clothing became such a ridiculous notion. i'm in no way saying that you should spend money on clothes if it's outside of what you can afford, but i don't understand buying tons of junky cheap clothes that are going to eventually fall apart when you can purchase a few quality pieces that will last a lifetime. i'm not saying that a forever21 shopping spree isn't fun once in a while, but i find that i am most rewarded when i buy things that are quality...

have you heard of the term cost per wear? basically, it's the cost divided by the amount of times you can wear the item... do this and you are left with actual value per wear... just an example, so say you buy a pair of 25 dollar shoes and you are able to wear them for one summer before they crap out, you have spent 25 cents per wear... now say you buy a pair of 125 dollar sandals, but you can wear them for 5 summers, your cost per wear is still only 25 cents per wear and you won't have to re-purchase sandals for 5 years!!! i'm a big believer in cost per wear...
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i have helped tons of friends, who were hesitant to spend any money on themselves let alone on clothes, learn how to dress their bodies with clothes that make them feel ah-mazing!! it's brilliant how on their own they end up leaning towards nicer brands and more well made clothes. it's addicting.

so basically this is a giant rant for me to say... purchasing nice things and loving fashion isn't an issue of materialism, the humble everyday fashion lover just wants to wear beautiful things that are going to last.


  1. This was such a lovely post.. Also cute photos! ^^

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Feel free to visit me anytime again / follow, I love new readers :)
    Also thank you very much for the bday wishes ♥
    Have a lovely day,

    - Indie by Heart

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is fabulous! Looking forward to following :)

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. In fact, this is so well-put, I'm having a hard time coming up with something to say in addition, that doesn't already say what you said. Haha! Love it!

  4. I totally agree! I use cost/wear all the time!! Most of my friends are stupid and are like "I don't care if its going to die, it's cheap" and I just roll my eyes

  5. cost per wear makes so much more sense now. i definitely don't think there's anything shallow about wanting to look pretty through your clothes, shoes and accessories (duh), so I'm totally with you on that!

    what are your favorite shopping sites?

    1. i love shopbop and piperlime for online shopping. I also think that you can get ah-mazing quality for great prices at jcrew, banana republic, and loft, and when things go on crazy sale it's even better!!

  6. And I am one of those friends that you have helped! I had never spent that much on jeans before but they have definitely lasted! It has been a couple years but I still have most of the clothes we bought when you helped me shop! Thanks Lauren!

  7. i definitely agree with the cost per wear- i haven't been doing much shopping lately because i'm saving for other things-but more and more each year i try to buy investment pieces!
    i just found your blog randomly and have been looking over random posts- and you don't seem materialistic at all- nothing wrong with loving nice things!!

  8. I totally agree! What is the point of a closet full of cheap, mass market stuff? I am still drawn into the designer collaborations (which I do think can be good quality sometimes), but I am definitely looking to invest in timeless pieces too.

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