Monday, March 26, 2012

product love. blush.

one misconception, i think, that women make about blush is that it's only for 80's prom queens. FALSE. blush is literally apart of even my simplest makeup routine. i find that the right blush gives you that little extra oomph to make your look special. it's all about the what and where. i'll start with the where. your blush should never just reside on the balls of your cheek, that's one sure fire why to look like a raggedy ann doll. your blush should move with the contour of your cheek bone, i concentrate my color on my cheek bone than sweep the remaining color on my brush upwards to the corner of my eye. i move in small circular motions and i swear it gives the most beautiful and flattering flush. now on to the what. here are a few of my favorite blushes!!!
okay, seriously. who doesn't love nars orgasm?!? it's one of the best colors ever. it's flattering for every single skin tone. and it's the perfect pinky-shimmery color. i feel like it works just as well in summer and winter. it's just one of those colors that makes you look lit from within. it's brilliant. this is definitely a must have in my book!!!
so my bFf introduced me to this blush and needless to say i'm obsessed. now before i get your hopes up this color is discontinued, but stila does make a few other brilliant options (i like petunia and fuschia). stila convertible color lights up my freaking life!!! it goes on perfectly and seriously sinks into your skin and looks like the most natural flush i have ever seen. in love. you apply it with clean finger tips, starting at the pad of your cheek bone then pressing it up.
pale pink by bobbi brown. BEST. COLOR. EVER. it looks a little scary in the palette, but once it's on your cheeks hello gorgeous!!! the most beautiful girly english rose flush. i think it's absolutely brilliant, i suggest it to everyone!!
and what would a blush talk be without benefit's georgia. classic. it is the prettiest shade of peach ever and mixed with a touch of bronzer gives you the most beautiful result. plus, it actually smells like peaches. yes. you heard me correctly. peaches. ah-mazing. 

so tell me what are some of your favorite shades of blush!?! 


  1. Your slow transition into blush worked...I need more!!!!!!!

  2. I might need to try a new blush:) love me some rosie cheeks!

  3. i was totally afraid of blush for a really long time, but now it's like my bff. i love to wear it on the weekends!



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