Monday, April 23, 2012

product love. bronzers.

holy crap, i love a good bronzer. it instantly brightens your face and makes you look pretty and awake. it's perfect for my favorite no makeup makeup look. bronzer, mascara, highlighter, and blush. all you freaking need. now, my rules with selecting a bronzer... first and foremost, they most definitely shouldn't have any nasty orange undertones, unless you want to look like a jersey shore reject. grody. and secondly, NO GLITTER, NO EFFING GLITTER... NONE. Unless you are 13 years old then there shouldn't be any glitter in your bronzer... now don't get me wrong a bit of shimmer for an evening out can work, but if you are trying to look natural it's best to not look like you are going to a rave. so here are a few of my favorites. 
okay, i bought this stuff from a super cute makeup store in pensacola, go figure, called skin beauty boutique. if for some reason you find yourself stuck in pcola then you should definitely visit it. they give a killer good spray tan. i had never tried any products by the balm, but this bronzer is awesome. it's suuuuuper deep so it's my favorite for a day at the beach... over copious amounts of sunscreen of course. 
okay, now this stuff is my go-to everyday bronzer, too faced chocolate soleil bronzer with real cocoa. it's a fantastic shade and bonus it smells like freaking chocolate. that's right, chocolate. i really love how this stuff goes on. all you need is a big fluffy brush to apply it and instant glow!!
now this is the bronzer that i suggest to most of my friends. i've gotten quite a few people hooked on it, which is funny considering i don't use it. i take any friend in need of a makeup makeover to the bobbi brown counter before going anywhere else because bb is so good at natural beauty. this bronzer is a perfect example of that... it comes in a bunch of shades and doesn't have any shimmer, praise the lord.

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