Monday, March 19, 2012

product love. cleansers.

we all wash our face. hopefully. and with the trillions of brands out there i know it's not easy to try and find the one that works for you, but here are my 2 favorites, one bargain, one not so much... 
so here's the thing, expensive cleansers are really not my thing... i mean, a cleanser washes your face... it maybe sits on your skin for 30 seconds... maybe... so i am all about finding good bargain washes, but i have to say this sonya dakar soya wash is insanely good!!! it's for sensitive skin and just works like a charm, it gets rid of all my makeup and leaves my face hydrated and fresh feeling. it does that without soap, detergent, or fragrance... nice and gentle.  it's not cheap at 45 dollars, but it really does feel amazing on your face and it lasts a surprisingly long time. big fan.
another favorite product and, big yay, it's a great deal. i use this cleanser when my skin is going crazy and breaking out. it's neutrogena naturals purifying facial cleanser. it uses willowbark to help purify your skin without super drying it out. i actually put this cleanser on after being in a hot shower for a few minutes after the steam as opened up my pores, then i let it set for a minute or two before removing it with my handy-dandy clarisonic and you all know how much i love my clarisonic... if not, see here and here

okay, so what are your favorite cleansers? any must tries!?!? love me some products. 

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  1. I love Bioelements:)
    _Flash Foam Cleanser_cleans your skin and take make up off.
    _Decongestant Cleanser_ removes excess oil and make up.
    _Spotless Cleanser_Good for when I I break out.
    _Really Rich Moisture_ my face is so smooth after applying.
    _Pumice Peel_ exfoliates my face.



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