Monday, March 12, 2012

product love: gray nails

okay, i don't know if we have ever addressed the serious problem that i have with nail polish. i lalalaLOVE nail polish. i purchase it compulsively. say i'm broke as a joke and i need a pick me up, for as little as 6 dollars i can have a pretty new polish or say i'm just in a funk and i really need a pick me up for 26 dollars you can have a beautiful little chanel box filled with the prettiest nail polish bottle in the world. then i go home, make vegan junk food and watch pride & prejudice or twilight whilest i paint my nails. that's a pretty amazing night. anywho, i digress, the other day i feel in love with a gray polish that i didn't need, so i came home to assess my own collection of gray's... it's small, but powerful... here are my 2 favorite gray polishes, both available at target, budget score!!!
i am currently wearing a sally hansen complete salon effects color commander in chic. not only is the color a brilliant rich purpley-taupey gray, i think it rivals any "fancy salon" brand nail polish. the brush is unbelievably good and the formula goes on very easy, so for 6 bucks this polish is the best value for sure.
i also love me some chinchilly by essie. the color is a little lighter, more of a light bluish-stone gray... almost concrete-ish, but with more depth. i think this is a staple color year round. i love pairing this with coral nails, super chic.

so tell me, what's your favorite gray polish!?!?


  1. i LOVE chinchilly.

    it is the

    [yes. i am trying to bring back. can you help?]

    1. help bring back. check, done and done.



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