Friday, March 23, 2012

quickest, easiest meal ever...

marrying an asian = eating lots of fried race. not racist because it's true. we have fried rice just about every weekend we have leftover rice. it's seriously the most satisfying dish, full of veggies and spices, but still hearty and warm. ours is usually just a catchall for all the veggies we need to use up before they go bad.  we usually use white jasmine rice, but we have also used all forms of brown rice and pictured above is leftover basmati rice.

the base of our fried rice is always the same, onions and garlic. i've been trying to avoid oil, so just start it with the onions and garlic and a splash of water. let that go a bit then throw in your veggies, always start with the vegetables that need longer cook time and just keep on adding stuff in.

some of our favorite add ins:
red bell pepper
broccoli rabe
baby corn(not a real thing, but so delicious)
avocado and/or cherry tomatoes for topping (i loooove putting avocado on top of the warm rice! YUM)

let your imagination run wild, use as many as you want or just onions and garlic, whatevs. then when all the veggies are cooked through add in the leftover rice and mix thoroughly. then you can add a splash of soy sauce and black pepper or go cah-razy and do a few splashes of oyster sauce(i use the vegetarian kind, def not a clean food, but really tasty for a sometimes treat) ENJOY!!!!


  1. Yummmmm. I've never made my own fried rice. I need to change that. :P

  2. Mmmm looks so yum! Everything that you add in is such a great idea. Fried rice is SO darn good!




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