Wednesday, March 07, 2012

trending. the hot pink blazer

so every girl needs a the classic black blazer, but i think that a hot pink blazer is also becoming quite the staple. It is surprisingly versatile and gives ho-hum outfits a killer kick in the ass. if you don't believe me just look here and here AND here. i've been wearing mine everywhere and i think it's genius. there's no need to spend hundreds of dollars either, i found mine at H&M for 35 dollars. score. 
so it totally dresses up a gray t-shirt and leopard skinny jeans. i felt super girly and very tall pairing it with sky high platforms.
it also punched up my bummy boyfriend jeans, white tee, and my favorite cynthia vincent dinah sandals... oh yes, and you're very welcome for my fantastical self-taken pictures...

basically, i've been wearing it everywhere, i love it with navy/white stripes(my favorite) too. so what do you think? would you ever rock a hot pink blazer??


  1. I've been looking for a good hot pink blazer for a while now. Like, a year. So it looks like I need to get my butt to H&M because yours is FAB!



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