Wednesday, March 28, 2012

trending. peplum tops.

omg. omg. i've been wanting to post on peplums for months. when done correctly, peplums are seriously so insanely fashion forward and sexy that i can barely contain myself right now. i have yet to purchase any, but here are some that i am freaking dying to get my hands on!!!

1. the pretty dress company
2. mulberry
3. h&m
4. marc by marc jacobs
5. rebecca taylor

what do you think of the trend? would you rock a peplum top?!


  1. Love this trend!
    Gorgeous selections, darling... especially loving the H&M leather top!


  2. Definitely. I love these!

    I'm thinking the second or the third is my favorite. I'm having a hard time deciding!

  3. I love that H&M leather one, rock chick with a classy edge. x

  4. These are hawwwt. And with your fabulous figure, you could pull these off perfectly. I'm not gonna lie. I'm insanely jealous. ;)

    PS. My Britney story is NO MORE!! In 2005 (?) my parents computer crashed and everything was lost. Not only my beloved Britney story, but pretty much all my cherished short stories from high school and middle school. I was pretty traumatized by it. I guess that's why I'm so paranoid and save everything three times each on different devices now. Sigh.

  5. Oh I love the green one - peplum is definitely growing on me!

  6. You are so right - totally stylish! I would rock one (just have to buy one yet!)


  7. I think these look great, but I need to find one to try on! I'm just not sure how this would work on my body!

  8. oh i love them..i think they are so feminine and romantic.

  9. i think peplum is a really girly look. just not quiet my style, but its cute

  10. I love peplums, and am also yet to own any.
    They all look amazing, especially the Mulberry one!



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