Tuesday, April 03, 2012

15 reasons to love...

so our next 15 reasons to love blogger is kind of a big deal, if you haven't checked out oh to be a muse, you are definitely missing out. cheryl is not only a style diva, she is personable and just insanely friendly... and it completely comes through in her blog! she is always there to give you a look at new fashion and makeup trends along with celebrity muses and more, absolutely adore her.
15 reasons to love cheryl from oh to be a muse... 
the best movie ever made is... Sleepers
my favorite song in the whole wide world is... Y Control by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
if i could only wear one designer forever and ever it would be... Elie Saab
i can’t go anywhere without my... Lip Gloss
if i could raid a celeb’s closet it would have to be... Gwen Stefani
my favorite celebrity on the red carpet is... Mila Kunis
i always expect_____Lady Gaga__to look a hot damn mess on the red carpet.
i looked a hot damn mess when i wore... Orange plaid skirts in high school
a fashion trend i am loving right now... Mint green & peplum
a fashion trend i am hating right now... Camo
my biggest fashion influence has got to be... Zoe Saldana & bloggers
the next big thing is... Cut outs & more eco-friendly clothing going mainstream
in the next year i am looking forward to... Attending fashion weeks
i love blogging because... It's a community of stylish wardrobes
the most important thing to me is... Being happy in everything that you do!
so why are you still here??? go check out cheryl and oh to be a muse... STAT. 


  1. This was so awesome! Thanks so much for not only featuring me, but also for saying such amazing things! You are the best, Lauren!

  2. really lovely post!! Her style looks amazing!



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