Thursday, April 12, 2012

breaking down the picture wall...

i am obsessed with photos. i have tons and i have them in every room of the house!! having photos of friends and family... trips and memorable places... my dogs... just make me so very happy!!! i even have framed photos from magazines. as long as there is no distracting text that can take away from the photo, i say you can frame anything.
before i start any photo wall, i like to think about what i want the room to be... simple and easy, boho and funky, etc. then i like to lay out all of the frames and whatnot that i think will work for the theme. then i lay it out on the floor in the exact pattern that i want to have on the wall. i take a photo so that i can keep my end goal in mind... the whole drawing it out on a giant piece of paper/muslin is just far too many steps for me, but if you need that to keep you honest, go for it. now, sometimes once things are up on the wall, you decide you want to move things around, that's okay... just go with the flow... holes are easy to patch :)
i also really like adding mirrors or wall decor, like my letters, into the mix for some visual interest. speaking of visual interest, i also love using fun hooks to hang my jewelry and, of course, i have to mix in some artwork!!! i think it's so fun and it looks collected, like i had to add pieces over time... love my original heather bullock painting...
i love this savannah themed wall... it's still in the works, but that's what's great about photo walls, they don't have to be done in a day... keep collecting and adding photos until it's what you want it to be. but just make sure you give yourself room to grow.

as much as i love photo walls, beware too many because it can just be well... too many. i like to have 1 per living space...but dude, if your home is super eclectic than go for it. i like a certain amount of symmetry and consistency with spacing, but that said, there are no rules, if you love it then it's right!!!!


  1. Jealous! Love how all the frames complement each other.

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  2. For cute art on the cheap, I like to frame the top part of a calendar--I've done it with the Degas prints in my bedroom, and the vintage Coca-Cola prints in my guest bath.



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