Thursday, April 05, 2012

it's the little things...

everyone... or at least i think most everyone has a thermostat in their home. and while they aren't particularly ugly... they aren't pretty either. thanks to pinterest my thermostat is officially the cutest damn thing in my house.
boo. boooor-ing. that's no fun...
you likey??? all you need is a colorful frame(mine's from ross, only $7.99) that has an opening that fits your thermostat... hang and badda bing, adorable freaking thermostat that everyone will fawn over and adore. so tell me would you do this in your home?? 


  1. Haha love it! You have the most fab thermostat I've ever seen, that's for sure!

  2. This is such a good idea! You chose a really pretty frame, too. I may have to try this :)



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