Wednesday, April 04, 2012

lifestyles of the rich and famous...

it's possible that i think the story i'm getting ready to tell you is not nearly as funny as i think it is... but c'est la vie... it's my blog, so i'm just gonna go ahead with it. when our ah-mazing neighbor jane told me about a raw vegan dinner being held at her swanky hotel, the hubs and i decided while pretty expensive that it would be quite the experience, mostly because rich people are super entertaining. well, i dressed to the freaking nines and looked super hot!!! evidence below.
blazer, h&m; top, loft; skirt, jcrew; shoes, steve madden; clutch, hobo international
let's not forget my stud of a husband.

so here we go. prepare yourself for the awesomeness. we show up to the event and the champagne is already flowing. bad. news. bears. i'm pretty much tipsy before we hit the dining room. now we know i've had too much to drink and too little to eat when i start an unfiltered fashion critique of the room. rich hippies DO NOT dress well. we sit and when the surprise guest host of the evening, robin leach, yes, THE robin leach is announced i begin to ask bo over and over if i should go talk to robin to which he repeatedly tells me absolutely not. Now lo and behold with every tiny raw course there is a giant glass of wine. well by course 3 i am totally and completely vershnickered. i mean room spinning, laughing like a crazy person, so drunk. the delightful author of the book the dinner was based on walked around the room and stopped off and spoke to bo and i for awhile, about what? i have no idea... but i do remember when i gave her my book to sign i told her my name was spelled "l-o-u-r-e-n" uhhhh, no, it's not. bo quickly corrected me, but by then it was too late, i very loudly started to talk about the absurdity of serving so much wine with raw vegan food!!! mimi, the author, looked terrified... oops. well, then we finish our delish dessert and go speak to the chef, who it turns out is a former marine, so he and bo fell in love... i meanwhile thought about how badly i wanted a bowl of spaghetti... robin leach managed to stop by the chef to say goodnight and extended his hand to bo and i... then mentioned having to be at the american country music awards the next day, to which i practically scream, "my friends are gonna be there!!!" needless to say, robin leach did NOT believe me... we made our way to the door and i don't know why, but as i passed mr. leach i did a full blown taaaadaaa bow... to which he promptly bowed back... i laughed like a hyena the entire way to the car. bo informed me that he was fairly certain that i would have a restraining order placed against me... so drunk.

don't worry i'll post about the food on friday... i definitely remember it was delicious... well pretty sure... 


  1. Hahahahaha. That is amazing. Did you remember all of this by yourself or did Bo have to help fill in the blanks? Miss you!

    1. ha. i remembered the high, or should i say low, points... but the more specific details are gone... i never drink, i don't know why i thought this would be the place to do it. lol. MISS YOU!!!

  2. beautiful pink blazer!!

  3. Please tell me someone has cell phone footage of this. ;)

    Seriously though, you must treasure this story forever. It's priceless.

  4. There are three major points here.

    One, you looked SMOKING HOT. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Hottest drunk girl in town, no effing joke.

    Second, that pink blazer with that leopard skirt is the most fabulous combination I have EVER seen. Seriously. I want to copy it. Now.

    Third, that story is hilarious. And you are right about the wine with vegan food part. What were they thinking?!?

  5. gotta love the prints and pink blazer! i'm on a lookout for a hot pink blazer :)

    with love,



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