Monday, April 02, 2012

product love. body lotions.

don't we all love being soft and moisturized... that sounds dirty... it's not meant to be dirty, get your mind out of the gutter. i don't know if you are like me, but when i go into say target, drugstore, sephora, i am utterly mesmerized by the wall of lotions. how do you decide which one to buy?!? so if you are indeed like me, you just buy an insane amount of lotions. last count i have like 16... and i still buy more, but i have found a few that are staples that i continue to repurchase. 
okay, now this burt's bees radiance lotion is great when you are going out at night and wearing a super mini mini-skirt. the tiny bit of shimmer makes your legs look skinny and perfect. the light reflecting particles help cover up any imperfections that you have and it's mostly natural. i also like to layer it on top of sunscreen for the beach. i'll take anything that makes me feel more comfortable in a bathing suit...
a friend told me about amlactin and i am obsessed! when my legs are super dry, i will use this at night before i go to bed. i will slather it on and leave it really thick then wear leggings to trap it in. it's got alpha hydroxy acid in it which makes you nice and soft, but pleeeease if you use it you must use sunscreen, cause you will burn the hell up.
yay!! best everyday lotion!!! i use this just about everyday. it's the perfect spf for daily use, unless you plan on being in the sun all day long, eucerin everyday protection is more than sufficient. i love how light it is, sinks in very easily and leaves no white residue like some sunscreen lotions. it's great stuff.
my sister-in-law turned me on to this stuff. have i talked enough about my sis-in-law?? she's pretty much the coolest person on the planet. she's insanely smart and knows what's going to be cool 6 months before it's cool... she's that girl, she's an equal mixture of absolutely beautiful and can kick your ass... love my hodge... anywho she always has home health lotions in her place and this almond one is freaking ah-mazing. i use it when i need serious moisture and want to smell like perfection. my dog franklin is a huge fan of this one, loves to lick it off my legs. 

do you use any of these products? what are some of your favorite body lotions??


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