Monday, April 16, 2012

product love. bright nails.

yay. summer is almost here and neon and bright colors are so very in!!! hooray, i love crazy nail colors. i just can't help myself... so here are a few of my favorite bright colors.
obsessed. as soon as i saw this set i knew i had to have it. the yellow and orange are so much fun!! plus, the hot pink and turquoise are brilliant shades. freaking in love with these!!!!
photo via essie lollipop
my absolute favorite reddish-sorta coral... i wear this anytime i want to feel pretty and a touch sassy. i love it on my toes!!!
photo via essie turquoise & caicos
loooooove turquoise, one of my favorite colors ever. i love it. this shade is great because it's the perfect mix of funky and girly. it was my easter polish :)
photo via chanel june
literally my favorite new color!! i was so excited when i saw this on celeb makeup artist lisa eldridge and i had to have it when i saw it at nordstroms. yay!!! it's chic, sophisticated, and so much fun!!!

are you a fan of bright polish?? what are your favorite shades?? do tell!!


  1. I'm so obsessed with bright nails right now it's not even funny. Now I'm obsessed with thate Kate Spade polish. omg

  2. I love bright nail polish! Unfortunately I paint my nails like a three year old would so I only paint my nails with light colors, that way you can't see all my mistakes!



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