Monday, April 09, 2012

product love. fun in the sun.

when i was a child i don't think i ever applied sunscreen... i was always bronzed from playing softball or running around my neighborhood talking to fairies... yes, i was that kid. in my early 20's I started taking sun damage seriously. super seriously. my mother even lovingly calls me the sunscreen nazi, "no skin cancer for you!!" i have embraced my insane paleness and vow to look like Madonna when I'm 50 and I will do this through serums, lasers, facials, drinking water, and sunscreen... boatloads of sunscreen. here are a few of my favorite spf products!!!! 
keihl's lip balm with spf 15 is one of my absolute favorites. the red tint, no. 30G, is the perfect sheer red. i love it. it keeps your lips soft while protecting them from the sun. your lips and ears are common places we forget to protect. great stuff. it also looks fabulous over red lipstick ;)
oh how i love this stuff. nars pure sheer spf lip treatment. i have the color angelique, it's a beautiful pale reddish-coral color. it goes on so sheer that it just ever so lightly adds colors. it leaves your lips moisturized and protected. i want to get the color aurore, a beautiful pale pink, to add to my collection of lip products. 
so, i have been using the neutrogena spectrum 100+ spf for quite some time. it is the perfect sunscreen for when you are planning on spending the entire day in the sun. the 100 is a bit much, i know, but still it can't hurt. it does leave a bit of white-ish hue around your face, so make sure to rub it in. it sinks in and doesn't leave a greasy mess. great for the beach. 
i've been using samples of clarins uv plus hp day screen with a light tint and absolutely loving it. no breakouts. no ghostly white hue around my already casper like complexion. it is so light and sinks right in. you can put makeup easily on top of it, but i find with the tint i don't even need my tinted moisturizer. this stuff is pretty freaking awesome. i think i'm going to be forced to purchase a bottle. 
good ole vitamin c. i have had this for a while and it's pretty wonderful. it seeps right into your skin and leaves it ready for sunscreen. this stuff does so much, not only can it help heal sun damaged skin, it actually helps your sunscreen do its job. it helps with hyper-pigmentation, to reduce inflammation, and even promotes collagen production. pretty rad, right!?!? i like this obagi brand because at around 80 bucks it's far more reasonable than some fancy brands and is just as effective. i wear it whenever i know that i am going to have a bit of sun, everything from hiking to a long car ride.
and then to deal with my pasty whiteness i have resorted to spray tans, which i love... i can't believe teenage lauren went to a friggin' tanning bed. YUCK. what the devil was i thinking?!?! such a dummy. any who, i really like this bare minerals faux tan, really easy to apply and the color is always a rich brown, no nasty orange. it's great to help keep up a spray tan. it will last for weeks. 

in closing, what ever sunscreen you choose please, please REMEMBER the spf in your makeup is not cutting it, you need the real deal! and no matter rain or shine always put on your sunscreen! and please even though you think it's unnecessary please do your skin cancer screenings every year!! 
that is all, the sunscreen nazi has spoken!!!!!! 

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  1. I need to try that NARS lip treatment asap.

    I think it's awesome you're so obsessed with taking care of your skin. You will thank yourself IMMENSELY in 20 years. I have a cousin who is 36, and she grew up obsessed with tanning beds. She even had one in her bedroom for several years! And from 15 until 27, she was absolutely gorgeous. (She was Miss Teen Illinois in 1995 or 96). But guess what, now she looks like she's 50. Orange raw wrinkled skin with spots. Bleached blonde hair that looks like straw. It's SHOCKING. Especially when I realized that she was so jaw-droppingly stunning back in the day. I don't hero-worship her anymore!! :S

    So, yeah, in other words, keep doing what you're doing. :)



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