Friday, April 06, 2012

raw vegan food...

well if you read my lifestyles of the rich and famous post then you know that last weekend i had waaaay too much fun at a raw, vegan dinner put on at the insanely beautiful rancho bernardo inn. i have always been intrigued by raw foodist after a dear friend, shelly, got me hooked on natalia rose's book called detox 4 women and more recently i've been really inspired by kimberly synder and her book the beauty detox solution. so when the opportunity arose to attend a super swank raw, vegan dinner i was absolutely thrilled. i have no idea how i talked bo into spending so much on raw food, but alas, he is a great husband. as i mentioned in my previous post, the champagne was flowing from the moment we walked in the door... oh geez... 
due to the tipsiness, i forgot to take pictures of the first 2 courses. oops... the first course was the amuse bouche... a delightful little spoonful of radish sprouts and this insanely tasty avocado puree... i could've eaten a gallon of it.. the second was a salad that was so fresh it didn't even need dressing, they put broccolini in there and holy crow it was insane, definitely doing that at home.

oops, after i finished the third course i remembered to take pictures. it was so good and inspired me to buy a spiralizer to make veggie pastas. the basil pistou was killer good. i had a very sad portion... i could've eaten 15 plates of this... no joke... 15.   
and the fourth course, my favorite, was absolutely to die for. sweet potato gnoochi with a sun-dried tomato emulsion, holy crap yes. i could eat this for dinner every night. the sauce was sooooo yummy, i really could've used some bread to sop it all up with... perhaps next time i'll sneak bread in my clutch and be that girl... #fail
mmmm, the final course was an almond milk pana cotta and it was tasty. they also served a weird, raw cookie and fresh made almond milk. it was all very tasty. the whole meal felt very luxurious, which is what i'm sure they were going for. everything was absolutely delicious, but i have to say as a whole lifestyle change, being vegan/plant-based can be difficult enough, so cutting out grains, bread, and pasta just seems sad. i really appreciate what raw foodists do and prefer to eat raw during the day and cooked at night, but if i want a piece of sprouted whole grain toast or a quinoa salad or a top quality pasta... i'm gonna eat it, but i will make sure to balance with tons of fresh veggies. that's my philosophy. that being said, we most definitely hit the drive through on the way home... i ate an entire super sized french fry(vegan) and they were absolutely the perfect end to our high class evening!!!


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