Tuesday, April 17, 2012

shaking is changing...

okay, so if the title of the post sounds familiar than you've probably visited a bar class near you... if not, dude, you are missing out. a year or so ago my super cool sis-in-law took me to a pure barre class. i had no idea what i was getting myself into... it was awful and awesome and terrible and wonderful at the same time. her ah-mazing girlfriend robin is currently in the process of opening a location!! so cool!!!
when we got to cali, i took a few more classes, but struggled with paying for classes when we get the base gym/classes for free... after we moved into the house we were in walking distance of a bar method studio. they had just opened and were offering some rad deals. i definitely felt like i was cheating on pure barre, but the same principals remained. the instructors are all absolutely adorable, both the ladies at the front desk and the teachers remember your name which really makes me feel so comfortable... okay, now on to the bar experience...
upon arriving to class you will notice a bunch of beautiful people wearing lots of lululemon and lots of makeup... do not not fret. the lovely front desk assistant will walk you through the deal. things to know. dress code. capri or long pants, no midriff, and you must wear socks in the studio. beware: you will slide wearing regular socks. i love the socks pure barre sells in their studios, i believe they are crescent moon brand. the bar method also has socks, but i would say just make sure you have grippy socks, no matter what brand, you will have a better work out if you aren't worried about sliding around. at the beginning of each class you will pick up a set of light and "heavy" weights. usually 2 and 3 pounds... sounds pathetic, but alas, you will hurt. you will quickly learn the basic stance, which involves tucking your hips, raising your chest, and hinging forward at your waist to create a flat back... always engaging your abs. sounds complicated... it sorta is, but the more you do it, the more you get it. you do a ton of work at, you guessed it, the barre. you will find that when you do these moves your body literally shakes... it's crazy, but remember "shaking is changing your body" lol. true story. check out these videos for a better idea of what you would be getting yourself into. lol. love BAR!!!

the bar method

pure barre

it is brilliant how quickly you see your body changing.  i've now been doing it for 3 weeks and i'm obsessed. literally obsessed. have you tried a bar class!?!? would you?? thoughts?

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