Friday, April 27, 2012

um... it's vegan so it's healthy... right!?!?

i did it. i made freaking chili-cheeseburgers... i had to do it!! i had to!!! i was planning this for almost 2 weeks... i started a mini-raw-cleanse the very next day, sooooo basically i had it all under control. if anyone tells you that being vegan = being healthy then they are super liars. there is just as much vegan junk food as there is good ole regular junk food... here's how i made it, sorta, healthy

the recipe {this will make about 4 servings}
speedy chili
1 can organic fire roasted tomatoes
1 can organic dark red kidney beans, strained and rinsed
LOTS of chili powder and cumin
A touch of cayenne pepper, oregano, & garlic powder
sprinkle of salt and pepper

add ingerdiants, mix, let simmer as long as you want!!

the rest is easy peasy!!! i used sunshine burgers, they are my absolute favorite, as they have like 5 ingredients... raw sunflower seeds, brown rice, carrots, herbs, and salt... kick ass. i topped them with a touch of daiya cheeze, the chili, diced white onions on ciabatta bread. i baked up some strips of sweet tato and bam!! sweet potato fries. so there is my easy sort-a healthy chili cheeseburger. enjoy!!!

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