Wednesday, April 25, 2012

window shopping.

you ever spend a lil' too much money one month because you ate out a TON, bought ridiculously pricey tea, purchased a pair of fancy jeans etc etc... then had to tighten up the budget to get back on track... yeah, me neither. well, all i want to do is shop it's literally all that is on my mind, but i'm trying to be good and save like i'm supposed to... ya know... like an adult, sorta. so here's my version of online window shopping. if $$$ wasn't an option these items would be in my closet stat. it's fun, sort of.

leather leggings: j brand super skinny leather jeans, $896
loafers: jcrew biella metallic loafers, $169 on sale!!
handbag: rebecca minkoff moonstruck bag, $595
necklace: jennifer zeuner jewelry, $143
ring: dara ettinger angelica ring, $106

okay so that was fun, right?!?!? so what would be in your closet if you were a rich bitch and didn't have to pay bills and rent!? ugh, bills. hate 'em.


  1. I was almost SO irresponsible and bought that PS bag the other day. good thing I still haven't gotten a rug yet...who am I!?

  2. These are adorbs. I always spend too much money every month. I'm lucky if I have enough money to hit up a thrift store these days lol.

  3. I want that Proenza Schouler please.



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