Tuesday, May 29, 2012

california love...

having always been an east coast girl and a new yorker at heart, i'm amazed and a little ashamed of how easy it is to become a california girl... and i'm never going back to my old ways... suck it.
yeah, i'm mostly a blonde. 

 i own 25 dollar flip flops. gasp.

i'm seriously entertaining the idea of buying toms. shit.

i'm a big fan of wheatgrass and 6 dollar fresh juices from the farmers market.

i'm obsessed with the bar method and i actually like to look cute when work out...

 i say "the 5"

i drive a beemer... and i like it. 

when i talk about being vegan, people actually care!! 

and on top of all of that, i can't decide if i want to be an actress, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a stylist, or an interior designer... yeah, sucks for me... 


  1. You are amazing!!! I love the juices at the farmers market too- so delicious!!!

  2. I'm sorry, but you officially lost this battle with the Tom's. ;)

    Have you ever seen the SNL sketch The Californians? It seems pretty hilarious to me -- but then, I'm from Michigan. ;) http://www.hulu.com/watch/350669/saturday-night-live-the-californians



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