Friday, May 04, 2012

chana masala... this stuff is hella good...

so, i am absolutely in love with chana masala, but if you have ever had it at an indian restaurant you know that the seemingly "healthy" dish is filled with tons of oil... so when i found this recipe on oh she glows i was totally stoked... but since i didn't have one of the spice mixes she suggested i ended up mostly using this recipe on smitten kitchen... it turned out brilliantly. i completely omitted oil, it wasn't necessary at all!!! i used a touch a water when things started to dry out and the flavor was just spot on... and the flavors just richened the next day. we made some jasmine rice(we didn't have basmati, boo) and throughly enjoyed. i think the splash of lemon juice is the kicker, it really makes it special. happy eating!!!

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  1. Mmmmm at that photo. :)

    Chana Masala is my favorite Indian dish. I've actually never made it from scratch before. I usually buy the frozen box from Whole Foods or head over to one of the Indian restaurants or stores and get it there. I think I'm just so terrified that if I make it myself, I won't do it justice lol.

    But you're enticing me to give it a shot. I def need to check out this recipe. :)



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