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5 unusual (but delicious) milkshakes

So your brand new Breville blender from K&Co has finally arrived and you can’t wait
to start churning out delicious milkshake after delicious milkshake. But where do you
begin? You don’t want to make a bog-standard boring milkshake, but you don’t want
to have to mess around with lots of different ingredients in order to see what works

Fortunately, we’ve compiled our top five favourite unusual milkshake recipes – all of
which are sure to delight on a warm, summer’s day:

1. Avocado milkshake

When mixed and blended with ice cream, avocados create a deliciously thick and
creamy shake that has a subtle but absolutely fantastic taste. Although you may not
have ever thought of creating an avocado milkshake before, they are actually very
popular in a number of places around the world – particularly Brazil and Thailand.

As well as including avocado in your shake, try adding a little lemon zest and vanilla
to the mixture. They complement each other perfectly and enhance the overall
flavour of your beverage.

2. Peanut butter milkshake

You can make this unusually popular milkshake in a variety of ways – each tasting
slightly different but equally fantastic.

For those that like a little crunch to their shake, add whole peanuts to your
milkshake mix and blend briefly, leaving most of the peanuts intact. If you prefer a
smoother texture, simply use peanut butter straight from the jar to give your shake
that distinctive sticky, peanut flavour.

3. Pistachio milkshake

For a great milkshake that combines nuttiness with a distinct sweetness, you can’t
go wrong with a pistachio milkshake. Whether you use actual pistachios or pistachio
essence is completely up to you, but a smoother consistency is achieved with the

4. Mango, chilli and lime milkshake

An exotic mix that will really cause a taste sensation, this milkshake is best with a
small amount of chilli powder or cayenne pepper. Add one quarter of a cup of fresh
lime juice for every three glasses made, and enjoy the delicious combination of cool
ice-cream with sharp flavourings.

5. Cup cake milkshake

Though this recipe may take a little longer to prepare – as you’ll have to bake
cupcakes first – it is a firm favourite amongst kids. Simply take one cup cake and
blend it with your ice cream to create a delicious cupcake milkshake. It couldn’t be
easier – or tastier!

**yummo right!?!? so i can't wait to try the avocado milkshake with coconut milk ice cream, of course, gotta keeping it vegan!!! enjoy!!! llo

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