Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i'm sorry... so sorry.

holy crap. i've been the busiest freaking lil' bee this past week!!! i'm throwing a dinner thing for like a gazillion people tomorrow... i remember thinking so many times when i was friendless in all of these crappy parts of the united states, how glorious it would be to have dinner parties and have my house filled with people. now my dreams are coming true and i am flippin' freaking out!!! holy geez manetti!! so, between preparing my house for the big gathering, my obsessive relationship with the bar method, and doing some writing for morgan gallo events(my favorite) i have had nooooo time to do anything. i've been waking up at like 7:30 and going to bed around 8... lol. can you imagine how sad i'd be if i had a real job!?!?!? okay, okay. i love the 10 of you that read regularly. i'll hopefully be back on track next week. much love. peace.

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  1. Heehee, it seems like every blogger I know is constantly posting "Sorry for the lack of posts!" That's just modern life I guess. :)



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