Thursday, May 31, 2012

lulu-- say what!?!

okay, perhaps i'm just not very with it when it comes to athletic fashion, but until i joined my bar method studio in march i had never heard of a lululemon... maybe that's just my sad southern east coast ignorance, but 98 dollar yoga pants were just not on my radar... until now, that is. me and my peeps(shirk and em) couldn't get over how absolutely freaking adorable all of the instructors and fancy soccer moms looked while working out!!! i mean they look so happy and thin!! i want to look happy and slim. and truth be told, i was more amazed how none of them seemed to ever have the dreaded camel toe (yeah, i said it) whilst i always felt a tad self conscious. seriously, no camel toe... it even made their ads, it's a pretty big freaking deal. any who, today shirk and i lost our lulu virginity and it was glorious. i'm still beeming.
we left class and both decided that it was time we hit up the la jolla store... upon walking in, i just felt cool... like i was a apart of some luxury hidden club that only a special select few know about. i realize that is ridiculous, as any one can shop there, but alas, it was just so sparkly and clean! and everything, i repeat everything, was so effing cute!!! we were in the store for close to 2 hours. we tried on tops and pants and more pants and more tops. the only downside i can possibly think of are the sizes... definitely NOT vanity sizes, but they fit so good who cares!?!? i ended up with 2 pairs of pants (the wonder under and the poise pant)  and a super cute top (on sale). i can't explain it, but these super cute slimming pants of the gods are just the most glorious things i've ever purchased. i can't wait to work out... or let's face it, just lay around the house... or go out to dinner... or shopping... basically, i am never taking these pants off. so you may judge me for the amount i spent on work out attire, but i'll warn you, don't go near that store or you will meet the same fate!! obsessed!!!! i'm buying another shirt tomorrow... f me. this is going to be a serious problem...


  1. I've been buying lululemon for over 10 years now! The brand was started in Canada. I'm glad you've hopped on the lulu train! I have a pair of pants from 9 years ago that I STILL wear! The price is worth it. Enjoy your new duds!

  2. They ARE glorious! I have had a pair for 3 years now, and they haven't worn out a bit! I even throw them in the dryer! They fit like a glove every time. I just bought a "dance" top - and hell - I'm sure no dancer, but its so comfy. Kind of a sports bra racer top with a flowy bottom. Super cute.

    I agree with Marie. They are SO worth the price! :) Enjoy!



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