Monday, May 28, 2012

product love. sunscreen, an update.

so a few weeks back i wrote about my favorite sunscreens and i wanted to update you on the clarins sunscreen i had recently started using. i loved it in beginning and it's still rocking my face. this sunscreen is the lightest coverage sunscreen i have ever used. the sheer tint is absolutely kick ass, so there's no pasty white nastiness and it covers up any unevenness or red spots. the spf is perfect and it doesn't breakout my uber sensitive skin. i haven't even had to put on foundation with this stuff, i just swipe some bronzer, blush, and mascara and it's a perfect daytime look. i tried a sample of the regular non-tinted formula and really liked that formula too. basically, i dig this stuff and definitely suggest it.

*a sidenote. i went to the pool last week and wore the clarins on my face, an 100 spf neutrogena formula on my chest and stomach, and my everyday eucerin spf 15 on my arms and legs... guess where i ended up being sunburned!?!? my chest and stomach!! so this is my official hate letter to neutrogena! this is the second time one of their higher spf formulas has failed me. i was out less than 2 hours, so it had nothing to do with reapplication. #neutrogenafail

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  1. wah infonya bagus sob..
    sangat bermanfaat & lengkap lagi..
    makasih ya :)
    salam kenal :)

    #Happy BLogging :D



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