Monday, June 11, 2012

50 shades of slutty...

yes, i have been missing for a week... an entire week... i would like to tell you that i have been insanely busy, which i sort of was... or that i was writing a ton of wedding blogs for the stellar morgan gallo events, well, i did write 5... so, where have i actually been!?!?! sigh. the truth is i have been holed up in my room reading the 50 shades of grey trilogy... twice. yes, i've read the entire series twice. i couldn't help myself. i swore i wasn't going to read them, but then a favorite friend insisted i read the first few chapters of the first book and if i wasn't intrigued no harm done... well, of course, i was freaking intrigued!!! i had to go get the 2nd and 3rd book the next day... and since then, i have spent my days being whisked away into the utterly ridiculous lives of ana steele and christian grey. sheesh, even their names sound like porn... i'm not going to embarrass myself further by giving a summery of the book... but i will say there is a far more captivating story underneath all of the blatantly sexual shenanigans. also a note... if you can't handle really inappropriate language, i'd pass, but who am i kidding if you read my blog you can't be too opposed to naughty language... oh my gawd, i'm gonna stop embarrassing myself. geez.

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  1. Oh my. I started reading it last night.

    Halfway through the first. Getting ready for the second.



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