Friday, June 01, 2012


the last time i remember winning something was probably 20 years ago. i won a mcgee & me video for guessing the correct number of marbles in a jar writing down the number of marbles my dad thought was in a jar at the library... i got to be on j93.3 christian radio... if i remember correctly it was me, my mom, jordan and kim stanley at my kick ass pink house on joana drive when i received the call. i had won a 8.99 jesus cartoon vhs!!! so. major. but since that day... nothing... zilch... nada... so i stopped trying. i've entered 2 blogger contests, both for alexander mcqueen goodies, totally worth it, and of course lost... but that's it. i would never play the lotto because i hate loosing!!! but today i come before you triumphant! let me just say... the streak is over!
sunday i saw fashion goddess, rachel zoe, tweet that it was the last day to enter her pinerest #zoecitychic contest and i couldn't help myself. the task was simple. pick your 3 favorite pre-fall looks from her collection and the photos of the city where you would don said pieces. well, i loved all of it, but spotted 3 of my faves easily!! they are heavy on the boho, of course, but there is a structural beauty to the pieces that lends itself to a decidedly gothic feeling. or at least in my weird head there is! so my natural instinct was prague!! it's one of my favorite cities ever and it's so romantic, but it also has a bit of mystery and darkness... the way old gothic castles do!! i thought it was a perfect fit... and apparently so did zoe and her team because I WON!!!!!!!!! i won something!!! cray cray!!! i'm pumped, i've literally been smiling like a freaking, bloody idiot all morning. i won a super fabulous rachel zoe bag and a hand written letter (which i will likely frame. kidding. of course i'm not kidding.) but the real win for me is that zoe or anyone working for her thinks that i put something beautiful together... it sounds silly, but i think this was sort of the verification i was looking for. i love fashion and i WILL be a stylist... lord help me!!!


  1. WAY better prize than a video about a boy with a tiny cartoon friend. So excited for you!

  2. But... i loved those movies! Congrats! I want that bag...

    1. By the way... I remember watching those movies at church with Brandon King and Dominique Valentino... we were SO cool!

    2. Brandon King, wasn't he the hot one that was a little younger than us?
      Or am I just making stuff up?!?! Cause that could totally be the case....



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