Monday, July 30, 2012


friends. i love my friends. i'm lucky enough to call these two characters my friends. we are indeed the 3 best friends that anyone could have. these ladies make me laugh out loud. they america bombed my house before our opening ceremony party. USA. USA. USA. america, hells yeah!!
 a sign of true friendship. 
 the stooges, em, lo, & shirk. we are very spirited. what?? we love america assholes.  
the beautiful rancho bernardo winery. we are obsessed with this spot! absolutely beautiful. isn't this beautiful!?! and it's literally in our back yard. this is definitely a return spot. even for the dd, this is a killer awesome spot. adorable coffee shop, yummy restaurants, a super cute chocolate shoppe (do you like how i add the pe to make it look fancy. it was fancy.) i ate the hell outta some dark chocolate and drank a yummy fresh organic peppermint tea while my bitches got hella drunk on some tasty chardonnay. 
rocking my new lighter and darker hair. my girl, meghan, is brilliant. wearing a cheapie urban outfitters dress with hearts all over it... yeah, i didn't notice until after i already purchased it... c'est la vie. we could all do with a little more love. 

there we are. in all our goofy glory. we bar together, shop together, eat every freaking meal together... you get it. we pretty much love each other. we have all decided that in the next 7 months we are going to acquire six pack abs. operation beautiful bodies has begun. we are dieting and working out like fiends. we are accountabilabuddies, that's right. we are buddies that keep each other accountable... makes sense, right?? it does make sense... and if you say it doesn't you are probably hateful or maybe you're just stupid. maybe both? in that case you can kiss my soon to be rock hard ass... and abs... and you get it. i'll be super hot. and not to worry i'll keep you updated on our success.


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  2. ur a nerd. this was super cute. and i wanna go to that winery.



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