Wednesday, July 18, 2012

do you detox!?!?

so a few weeks ago i wrote a blog on cleanses where i sung praises of natalia rose and her method of detoxing... which is pretty much just a mostly raw diet. not to fear meat and cheese lovers she allows fish and raw cheese on her detox. i, of course, stuck to my vegan diet.

why? i follow a fairly clean diet, so when i eat junk food or out at a restaurant my system is usually pretty rebellious. and don't let anyone tell that chips are healthy because they are vegan. they are chips. chips are never "healthy" i don't care what the bag says. vegan does not always equal healthy! so i was just feeling sluggish, bloated, and my system was off. so i decided to detox.

when? the book i was using as a guide is called detox 4 women which suggests a 4 week cleanse, but advises at least 1 week. i bought rose's books raw food life force energy and the raw food detox diet for additional recipes and inspiration.

what? lots and lots of raw veggies and self control. thank the lord that dark chocolate and avocados are allowed or i wouldn't have lasted a day.

the outcome. so first off, i didn't last 4 weeks... i lasted 4 days... yes, you read right, 4 days. hang head in shame. but let me explain. you are supposed to make green lemonade every morning and not only does it taste like shit, it's a PAIN to make(thanks for letting me borrow your juicer shirley)!! after 4 days i switched to ezekiel toast for breakfast because i found that the green juice, while energizing, does nothing to help me feel strong on a 3 hour hike or training at bar. i needed more substance. so with toast instead of green juice for breakfast, i continued for 2 weeks until the captain got home from a work thang. so i say that i went 2 weeks. after just 2 weeks i could absolutely tell a difference. i felt fantastic, never gassy or bloated. i had awesome poops. sorry thats gross, but true. at the end of the 2 weeks i felt back to my old self and maybe even a little more dewy and pretty.

the menu.
so there it is... green lemonade... ick. and i really like green juices, but with me making it... disaster. i really prefer kimberly snyder's glowing green smoothie, but without a vitamix it ends up tasting like a green icee. disgust. so this is why i switched to ezekiel bread!!
snacks. yum. i could live off of guacamole!! and it's totally okay on the detox! praise the lord!! of course having it with baby carrots instead of delish tortilla chips is a change, but still super yummy! i went through like 5 bags of baby carrots in 2 weeks. 
lunch. yummy raw salad. lettuce, cucumbers, roasted beets with guacamole as the dressing and a baked sweet potato with guacamole. seriously my favorite meal ever!!!! my guacamole is 1 avocado, 1 lemon juiced, 1 garlic clove minced, pinch of salt. soooo good. and yes, your breath is gonna be kicking, but raw garlic is such an awesome cleansing food!!
dinner. zucchini pasta with tomato sauce. you are supposed to just toss the warm organic tomato sauce with thin cut zucchini, but i needed a bit more so i sliced onions and garlic and very, very quickly tossed it in a frying pan (no oil) on low heat to warm through. this was surprisingly awesome!! i had this A LOT. i am eating this now in daily life, the captain even like it!


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