Thursday, July 12, 2012

my list of excuses...

i realized that i hadn't written a blog for today and then realized that i couldn't/didn't want to... but i thought i would at least tell you why!!?!?

1. it's been so hot the past few days in my usually cool home that my energy has been zapped.
2. i'm getting my hair did today. finally.
3. i got my new instyle mag in the mail.
4. i may or may not be watching reruns of the classic hit "one tree hill" on (are you singing the theme song?? yeah, me neither...)
5. i desperately need to do the dishes.
6. i've been diligently checking popsugar and for comic con updates.
7. i had to paint my toes and nails. nude(sally hansen in malt), orange (chanel in june), & gold (colour club in disco nap)... yes, it's super cute.
8. my dogs are extra cuddly because it's a gloomy day.
9. ... it's a gloomy day.
10. did i mention i'm getting my hair done today???


  1. I've been doing a one tree hill marathon myself! :)It's summer, everyone is taking a break...we can too!

  2. Awww...I love One Tree Hill..cried so much for the finale! :)



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