Monday, July 16, 2012

super hot nerds unite!!!

so, it's that time of year again... yes, that time of year when i wonder how the hell you get tickets for comic con!?!?!? yes, i want to go soooooooo bad. i am beyond fascinated by comic book culture. plus, celebs are digging the con more than ever before. ugh, I WANNA GOOOOOOO! that's right, i'm a nerd... a super nerd even. but let's get something straight, despite being a mega-nerd, fashion is always priority numero uno!!! and it looks like these lovely ladies did the same. here are a few of my favorite looks from this years nerdfest.
high five nikki reed on having, in my opinion, the best outfit at the con. i am obsessed with her striped tee and leather pencil skirt combo. it's absolutely fabulous. it's chic, but still super sexy. i want to own this outfit... oh and i also absolutely love the fact that her american idol husband was rocking a peachtree road race shirt, my atl peeps will appreciate that!!! 
sneaker love!!!!! omg, want!! these barbara bui sneakers are so ah-mazing!!!! and i absolutely dig kristen stewart's chill and sexy look. the cropped top and neon skirt are funky, but relaxed enough to work with her personal everyday style.  
isn't she the cutest thing ever!? love michelle williams and her giulietta shift dress. i'm digging the 60's vibe. just in case you were wondering she was at the con to talk about oz the great and powerful!! it looks soooooo good. watch here
so this is not my favorite ashley greene look, but for comic con i'd say this michael kors look is pretty stinking refined.
mila kunis is awesome, she doesn't need to wear something flashy... she can just wear jeans, a tee, and a blazer and be super fabulous. fact.
so i'd say that the two ladies above are pretty much two of the hottest chicks ever... and with all the tight leather going on i'm sure a few poor nerds had to seek medical attention. jessica biel's look is freaking fabulous. i loooove the waist detailing and the leather or latex skirt is just fabulously futuristic. love her new hair and the pop of neon. kate beckinsale is also a tall drink of water, love her pants. but her makeup is a little off putting. waaaaaay too much eye makeup and her extensions are a slightly ridiculous... but who am i kidding??!? she's still insanely hot. 

*** side note. i really, really, really, really hope that they don't move the con to vegas. vegas has enough shit going on!!! this convention offers so much for the city of san diego. countless jobs are provided and so much commerce is brought to the city. i really hope that something can be worked out because i feel like san diego is a part of what makes comic con so awesome. ***


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