Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the magnificent effing 7.

so here's the deal. i frigging love gymnastics. i mean like i have a freakish obsession. these chicks fascinate me. i always wanted to be a gymnast... until i realized how much i didn't enjoy my feet going over my head. totally unnatural. but it all began when the olympics game to my hometown of atlanta in 1996. 12 year old lauren lost her freaking shit over the magnificent 7. you know? shannon miller, dominique dawes, dominique moceanu, jaycie phelps, amanda borden, amy chow, and good ole kerri strug. yes... that was all from memory. i loved them. i watched and recorded onto vhs every single second. i still have that vhs. proof below.
told you!! this shit just got real!

i also compiled a folder of newspaper and magazine articles about the girls and the competition. such a bloody nerd!!!!! what? i was 12. were you that productive when you were 12???? hell no you weren't. suck it.
omg. that hair!! look at mama strug's glasses. holy bananas was 1996 that long ago!?! it's crazy how ancient this video looks!! but seriously, how ah-mazeballs was this vault!!??! i must have watched this a trillion times. too bad i don't have a vcr to watch it. i'm totally gonna get it transferred to dvd. i can't wait to watch it... on repeat... all damn day.

so what sport floats your boat during the summer olympics???? USA. USA. USA.


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