Monday, July 09, 2012

welcome back. welcome back. welcome baaAAaaack...

don't we look happy and relaxed? oh vacation!!

yes, i've been a total slacker. i have good reason. i was on vacation. a real vacation. a real vacation with my husband. a real vacation with my husband and my in-laws. a real vacation with my husband and my in-laws and my parents... you see how that was awesome for a while then it got less awesome... yeah... we vacationed in palm springs, well palm desert to be exact, and it was pretty much ah-mazing. well, pretty much... lounging by the pool, ordering insanely expensive drinks and poolside cuisine was seriously the best. when the captain and i vacation we tend to find interesting, ma and pop joints to stay in... so basically shady and cheap... so this whole giant resort, charge it to the room shenanigans was new to us. i dig it. plus, they carried lululemon every damn place, uuuhhhh charge that to the room please!!!! and i did. 

vacationing with the family was definitely interesting. my parents were pretty hilarious, james bonding it through the inner workings of the hotel, my dad actually hit a swan in the neck while golfing. yeah, he's an awesome golfer. the in-laws didn't disappoint, but there isn't enough room on the internet to get into that. 

i have a renewed excitement for the blog after my 2 weeks away, so get ready for fun times. tomorrow i will have a list of must have products for vacationing in the desert. who's excited!?!?!? 

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  1. This post was hilarious! Glad to hear you had a good vacation lol



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