Sunday, July 22, 2012

window shopping. now & later.

i totally am in the mood to shop and shop and shop... then take a break to watch superhero movies then shop some more. you can call it materialistic... i call it therapy. so here are some of the ways i would like to wear a few of the recent additions to my closet.

how i'll wear it now.
joes jeans, destroyed long rolled shorts.
alexander wang, brenda chain bag in leopard.
(from my closet) bp ankle boots.  
(from my closet) equipment blouse.
(from my jewelry box) my arty ring was a gift from my bFf and it's one of my favorite things in the world. i like my jewels to have meaning. YSL, arty ovale ring in lapis.

how i'll wear it later.
mother denim, the looker jean.
rebecca minkoff, desire satchel.
torn by ronny kobo, helen sweater.
alexander wang, skull scarf.
(from my closet) bp ankle boots.
(from my closet) equipment blouse
(from my jewelry box)my most favorite hummingbird necklace. i got one for me and my sister. my sis and i did not get along when we were kids, but as we got older and life happened i realized what a brilliant human being she grew up to be. i love her and she is one of the few reasons that i miss the east coast. dogeared jewels, sisters reminder necklace. 


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