Thursday, July 19, 2012

would you rather!?

okay, you lushes i'm not trying to get everyone day drinking... well - no! no, day drinking! i have been dealing with lots of shenanigans and thoughts and dealing with tons of grown up things. suck. so i'm deciding to fill my mind with shopping, unicorns, and rainbows for the day. no crying into my wine glass at 11:30 am today. i wanna SHOP! so here's my white girl problem, do i spend my shopping spree dough on 1 gloriously ah-mazing epic piece or do i use that money to reboot my wardrobe!?!?
my dream bag the balenciaga city tote runs $1,545 buck-a-roos which by purse standards isn't really that high... i think it's the most perfect bag. makes a perfect chic and equally bad ass statement... Lalalalove.

oooorrrr do i just go hog wild and buy some jeans, a pair of shoes, a blazer, some tops, etc, etc!?!? right? this is quite the decision. that's like 7 pairs of jeans or 3 pairs of jeans and a leather jacket or 2 pairs of jeans, a blazer, 3 tops, and a pair of booties... do you see how this could keep going?!?

so tell me, if faced with this decision would you rather purchase one high dollar piece or a bunch of more reasonable pieces?!? come on people this is serious stuff!!!


  1. I would go wild with some jeans, tops & shoes!! You just got an amazing Zoe purse:)

  2. lol Shopping and unicorns. I'm definitely more the "reboot your wardrobe" type. Of course, when you're feeling crappy, just the fantasy of either can boost your mood.

    Feel better!



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