Thursday, August 09, 2012

holy batman... batman...

we've established that i'm a serious nerd, but we've never quite gone in to depth about my freakish love of batman. i LOVE batman. between my brother, matthew, and i you might have the worlds biggest fans... probably not true, but i've seen every single batman movie a thousand times(batman, the dark knight, and batman forever are my favorites, weird, i know)... i watched the adam west show every day after school at the same bat time and same bat channel. we loved the old school cartoon and watched the video we had on a loop. i seriously wanted to be catwoman when i grew up. she was soooo awesome!! and no, i'm not talking about halle barry, she is NOT awesome. but anywho, i was finally able to make it out to see the dark knight rises, which was amazeballs. holy cow. so good, but i figured i had to look fabulous for bruce and alfred, so i decided to rock a look i like to call "nerd chic."
 those are some serious bar legs!!! love me some calf raises!
blazer, h&m; tee, the captain's drawer; shorts, levi's; wedges, cynthia vincent for target. 
wrestlemania!!!!! action shot!! 
oh yeah, did i mention we were straight ballin' at the theatre!? seriously, the seats are the comfiest recliners!!!! recliners!!!! don't we look relaxed and happy!! ohmygoodness, you can order yummy food, wine, beer, mixed drinks!! for reals!! it's unbelievable. i'm ruined to every other theatre... although it's pricey as hell. thanks del mar, for showing us how the rich people live... oh rich people... 

so, do you dig my nerdy chic? even more important, do you dig batman? and do you agree he's the best superhero? if not, get the hell off my site... seriously. go... WAIT. kidding. my poor lil' blog needs every viewer it can get!!


  1. hmmm... idont know... gotta take u to a theater in mission hills :) and yes u are a nerd. and i love it

  2. i must go to this theater. now.



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