Tuesday, August 07, 2012

sporadic random post...

many apologies for my lack of posts. i'm sure you are distraught. i've been bananas busy. trying to prepare for things to come, tying to find a bloody job (anyone wanna hire an awesome stylist??), shopping, etc etc. i am horrendously bad at time management... but you will happy to know that i have an outfit post... and yes, i'm wearing my new favorite jeans EVA. truth is i haven't taken them off since i got them... i wear them to sleep, bathe, bar... everything... you think i'm serious, don't you!!?! anywho, here's some outfit fun. 
jeans, mother denim; boots, bp rally boots; jacket, lush.

gotta look cute for a bunch of food trucks!!! i'm trying to develop my own version of casual. a little bit of rock. a little bit of boho. a little bit of classic princess. fashion's fun... so seriously? who wants to hire me as a stylist!?!? 


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