Sunday, September 23, 2012

emmys people. emmys.

so yes, i've been so very mia and what can i say, life happens. i'm currently working on a new site and a new business venture. momma is starting her own closet cleansing/styling/lifestyle coach biz. yeah. it's quite an exciting. but enough about that for now. let's talk tv. i have to agree with damian lewis, it is the golden age of television. there are so many brilliant shows on television, comedies and dramas. my poor dvr is going to be working non-stop this fall. so very exciting. but let's face it. that's not why we are really here... we are here to talk about the ugly dresses... there were a more than a few. YAY.

emilia clarke                                             
ginnifer goodwin - monique lhuillier
           juilianna marguiles - giambattista valli                     
julie bowen - monique lhuillier
                      leslie mann - naeem khan                                
                  padma lakshmi - monique lhuillier
so these are the dresses i liked the most... i think. i've had a traumatic... dramatic... and just overall wacky week and my brain has not been working properly, but these are the gowns i thought looked beautiful and interesting. i love the sweetness of emelia clarke's frock. so stinking cute and just a touch of whimsy. no idea who she is, but love her dress. while i feel like i've seen this dress of ginnifer goodwin before, it's fabulous. i love this chick in orange. she looks brilliant in it and she most definitely knows it. don't hate, but i absolutely love the floral gown on juilianna. it's such a classic shape and the pattern friggin rocks my socks. if you don't agree you have my permission to suck it. holy crap. julie bowen is most definitely growing younger and younger. she looks in-sane. and this neon gown is so kick ass i don't have words. this color was cray popular on the emmy carpet, but in my opinion she's the only one who rocked it right. then there's leslie mann, i know it's a little wacky... but i really really like it. i love her bun, her earrings, the bodice. it works. then padma rocking the hell outta this monique lhuillier. it's stunning. reminiscent of the vera wang charlize theron wore to the 2000 oscars. stunning ladies.  
claire danes - lanvin                                        
tina fey - vivienne westwood
these are my honorable mentions. i love claire danes. love. love. so glad she won. i know she's preggers, but something about the fit is just wonky. but i love that she's changing up the color and shape from her normal gowns. but it doesn't quite work. and tina fey. man, has she really upped her game is recent years, but i still find this gown a little old for her. the shape and color are beautiful, it just needs something to make it pop...  
oooooooo i hope emily van camp seeks revenge on her stylist... lol. see what i did there??? this j mendel is literally making me fall asleep. she is so freaking pretty and tall and skinny that this dress is just tragic. maybe if it were in the on trend color tangerine?? but as is, boo. 
 oh edie falco, what the devil is going on with your bangs?? right? i mean, her hair is not working. the stella mccartney gown isn't really working for me either. i mean her body looks great, but the white block of the dress doesn't emphasize that. and that hair. oh geez, that hair. 
it's no secret that i'm not a huge january jones fan, but with dresses like this i find i don't have to explain why... this zac posen could've worked, but with the awful shoes and ridiculous hair... it just looks like a wanna be goth flamenco dancer. 
i don't get it jena malone. i think if her hair didn't look so absolutely awful than i could find a way to like the dress, but alas, it does. i think it's the blunt bangs and harsh color which may or may not be for catching fire which recently started filming. but the slit and shoe are brilliant... just not convinced about anything else.  
 yeesh. what the hell julianne hough!?!? what is this? are you living out your life long dream of growing up to be a mermaid?? because aerial would bitch slap you for this...
 boobs. i'm sorry kat dennings, you are so unbelievably funny... but all i see are boobs... um, boobs. sorry. 
 i don't get her. she's cute. but i really don't get it. 
 okay, so i haven't watched girls, so maybe i'm just not cool, but what's the big deal with lena dunham?? i sure hope she writes better than she dresses. how dare anyone compare that show to sex in the city!! carrie would flip her shit if she had to wear this grandma prada... the idea is there. i think the skirt is just too full... 
who are you? and why are you at the emmys?? cause this is atrocious. ready to vomit.  
 yay homeland!!!! morena baccarin is stunning and the dress isn't bad at all, but i am preparing myself for a nip slip. ugh, really not in the mood to see her fun-bags. i'm not loving the neckline, it's not flattering because her boobs look saggy. 
 oh nic. what's with all the weird sheath gowns?? what's with constantly wearing stick straight hair? someone needs a new stylist... (raise my hand up high. oooOOO pick me, pick me) and she's still overdoing the injectables. sad, sad day. i love me some old school nicole... 
it's everyone's favorite new girl!! obsessed with that show. unfortunately not obsessed with this oscar de la renta. the bodice does not fit her properly and the skirt is just too much... the quirky bouffant hair just seems slight lopsided. so what could've been a great look just leaves me blah.  
oh ashley. ashley. ashley. this carolina herrara dress is pretty. i actually can't say much bad about it. but the hair. what in gods green christ was she thinking??? she looks cray. that hair is cray. i love the word cray. 
don't know why juilianne moore seems to drive me nuts. gina understands. but i actually love the makeup, the neckline, the sleeves, and the color on her, but something about the 1993 skirt seems really off. really, really off. 
um, i'm not feeling this. i believe this marchesa dress would better suit helen mirren. sorry hayden, but you look 23 going on 63. don't get me wrong it's beautiful, but not for such a young chicka. it also makes her look shorter than she is. 
photos via
we know. you're hot. it seems as though sofia vergara also has a dream to be a mermaid and in this zuhair murad she looks like aerial's slutty columbian cousin... no bueno. 

 okay, so those were my highlights. do you agree? anyone i didn't mention that you absolutely loved? or freaking hated?? tell me, tell me. i apologize for the gazillion spelling/grammar errors. dude. i'm tired.  promise i'll try to write more.


  1. Thinking Jessica Lange and Hayden Panetierre should have switched dresses. LOVED Melissa Rauch's (WHO?!) dress, but clearly I'm biased. Really liked Jennifer Westfeldt's (again, WHO?!) dress. Also thought Kaley Cuoco, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Padma rocked it. Liked your girl Giuliana, but girlfriend needs a sammich, STAT.

  2. I hated Lena Dunham's dress, she was my pick for worst dressed. I LOVED Julie Bowen's dress!

    Good luck with the new business venture! I've started a similar one and it's a lot of fun!

  3. Hahahaha!!!! When I was watching the Emmy's last night, I was really, really hoping you were going to do this post. In fact, I'm going to Facebook it.

    This is hysterical. I couldn't agree with you any more. Mermaid was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Julianne H's Disney disaster and Sofia's shiny wrapping paper dress.

    And yeah, I had never even heard of Girls before last night. And seeing that woman in that dress had the reverse effect on me. It made me NOT want to watch that show or even look into what it's about. I mean, really. That woman should know she's not only representing herself, but also the entire show. I mean, she's its writer, director, etc, right? Sheesh.

    And yeah, Kat's dress was so revealing that it was uncomfortable. Instead of enhancing her, her boobs upstaged her. :S

    Love this post, Lauren! Now I'm really looking forward to the movie awards season kicking off so I can see more of your posts lol. xoxo

  4. OMG. i think i just died, like 12 times.

    what the freaking frack were these bitches thinking!?

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