Saturday, September 29, 2012

sheer perfection.

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so, i'm not a huge fan of the stalker-azzis and i hate hate hate that they can't leave celebrities to marry in peace. i know, most of them will be divorced in 72 days, but still. they deserve to get married without helicopters flying overhead taking photos... i mean true love means getting to sell your top secret wedding photos to people magazine for 2 billion dollars, right!?!?!? right!?!?!?!

all of that to say, i'm 100 percent OB-sessed with anne hathaway's valentino wedding day get up. those who read the savannah wedding planner be prepared for a blog on this look. i just couldn't wait to write about it. i mean she looks like a fairy princess and i'm just beside myself. the lace, the tulle, the headpiece, i could go on and on for days.

am i cray cray?? this look is genius, no?!? i dare you to find something wrong with this look??

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  1. Holy. Mother.

    I knew she'd gotten hitched and wore a Valentino gown, but I had not seen pics yet.

    That is the most stunning wedding dress I've ever seen in my life. I'm usually not impressed by celeb wedding gowns, but this one takes my breath away. For the first time in my life, I'm actually hungry to plan a wedding. AROUND THAT GOWN!!! It's a masterpiece. It's like fairytale meets boho meets country princess.

    Will you link to your article about it when it's done??



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