Thursday, September 27, 2012

some serious lazy.

so today i was hit with the lazies and the grumpies. i have my reasons. it's been a crazy past few weeks and i'm tired. and i'm grumpy. and mostly i'm very tired. i've been staying busy, but the past two days my laziness has completely overtaken me. i watched a ton of once upon a time. A TON. such a lovely and magical show... then the rest of the time, i've stared at my blank computer screen attempting to write and tried to focus long enough to read a magazine. i failed miserably at both. so i'm having a pity part on my blog. if you don't like it, well, you can kiss my super firm barre booty.
hey gp. thanks for co-designing super cute clothes with awesome designers... hey gp. thanks a bundle for making me fall in love with this adorable Chinti & Parker for goop sweater only to find out that it costs four hundred and EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!! are you out of your mind gwyneth?? i thought your sight was supposed to apply to all. boo. double boo. i really want this damn sweater. PITY PARTY.
thanks christian louboutin for designing beautiful sparkly shoes. thanks for designing beautiful and probably very comfortable shoes that i would have to not eat for a month to afford. 
and let's not forget pinterest. stupid pinterest and all their stupid pictures. of these stupid outfits. that i want. so. stinking. bad. 
yeah, i want naughty vegan food. and i want it prepared and hand delivered to my lazy ass right here on my comfy sofa. i want candle cafe's famous seitan piccata. doesn't that sound so stinking awesome!? hmph. humph. 

well, not that i got that out, don't we all feel better!?! yeah. not really. but at least you know stuff you can buy me if you want to make me feel better. and i know you did. i'm gonna go eat my problems. 


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