Monday, October 01, 2012

how i met your new favorite writer director...

so, if you've seen how i met your mother you know josh radnor as a sappy architect desperately seeking love. he is absolutely hilarious and endearing and just oh-so-cute, but many of you don't know about his other more "indie" side. he is goofy ted mosby by day and super intellectual writer/director by night.
his first feature film happythankyoumoreplease was sweet and thought provoking, exactly the kind of movie ted mosby would flip his shit for. romance with a side of cynicism. kate mara, malin akerman, zoe kazan, i mean the hot chicks in this movie go on for days. ted, i mean sam, is trying to figure out life and love by stealing helping a young prodigy on the subway... no for reals. it's pretty great.
his newest flick liberal arts, which premiered in limited release earlier this month, is made in the same spirit. this time he has indie princess elizabeth olsen, the adorable elizabeth reaser, the brilliant allison janney, a surprisingly delightful zac efron, and, 2 for 2 in radnor's films, the genius richard jenkins... possibly the best actor in the entire world. i kid not. i think he's beyond. i'm not going into the details. i will just say that if you can dig a cute film with heart and a touch of cynicism toward the world then you will adore his movies. the latter is definitely a more complete film with less floundering than the first.

so have you seen any of radnor's films?? do you dig them? is it hard to see him as anyone else, but dear old ted mosby??

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  1. I didn't know about these. Excited to check them out! Even though Ted Mosby is my least favorite HIMYM character.



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