Wednesday, November 21, 2012

love me some kstew...

why does everyone hate of kristen stewart so freaking much!?!? people are so stinking mean to her. she's talented(watch her other films) and absolutely stunning!! and sure, her social skills are a little rough around the edges, but as i've said before, i find them endearing. she's a tough little cookie, possibly a bit of a mini-skank, but she's 22 freaking years old. cut her some slack. i wouldn't want the world judging me on the decisions i made when i was 22... well, i take that back i was a complete and utter goody-goody. ugh. but i think she has handled all of her fame with grace and without loosing sight of herself. well done kstew. and anyone who knocks her fashion should be ashamed... she and whoever is helping her get dressed are rocking it out. and her breaking dawn outfits do not disappoint.
okay, i love this dress. she looks like she's a thousand feet tall and just so damn holiday chic. this elie saab is just to-die-for. i adore her fab pony. simple and elegant. and robert... oh robert... i am absolutely OBSESSED with this suit. the captain needs this suit. yumm-O. and look how cute they are together?? they love each other again... hooray!!! that is a mixture of genuine happiness and sarcasm.
come on!! how cute is this dior mini dress!?!? you are just trying to be a jerk if you don't think this is adorable!! the neon is a brilliant pop of color and the studded barbara bui heels are a perfect bad ass finish. love this dress. i want this for my next party!! 
this black and white embellished julien mcdonald gown is my kinda dress. it looks super chic, but it also looks super comfortable. and i am in love with the weird feathery goodness at the neckline. i need a dress like this in my closet... 
okay, this zuhair murad jumpsuit took some serious lady balls to wear!!! i mean come on!! it's fabulous! the back is just absolutely stunning!!! and the strategically placed lace over all of her lady bits is just so daring and sexy!!! with the messy hair and simple makeup. this is just diva.
shut the front door. this zuhair murad is the shit!!!!! i mean come on!! it's sheer. so freaking sheer. i love it. the nude color is flawless on her fair skin. the side part old hollywood glamour hair style is perfect. and i am totally obsessed with this nude/gold/champagne smokey eye is rocking my socks. and paired with the berry lip. bellissima! and love this green suit. rob's got some style game. or his stylists do... it's all the same nowadays...

i'm realizing that maybe i like her style because i would wear everything she wears... seriously... i want all of these dresses!!! i would definitely need more room for my ass in these dresses, but that's not necessarily a bad thing... so which of the looks above is your favorite? do you love you some kstew?? or are you a hater??


  1. hater. homewrecker.

  2. Very cool Post. I like her also and I think she is gorg! :)

    New follower!




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